Prof. Dr. Ulvi Reha Fidanci

Get a professional education and a college diploma as a veterinarian

If you want to work with animals, understand their anatomy, diseases and get a professional veterinary education, then come to our college. We offer you training for up to 4 months in the specialty "veterinarian".

By completing our courses, you will not only gain knowledge and skills in diagnosing and treating diseases in various types of animals for professional activities, but also the ability to provide emergency medical care to your own pets.

Our team of highly qualified specialists is glad to absolutely every applicant. The teaching staff has extensive experience and individually approaches the teaching of students. The learning process is not only listening to lectures. Students are given the opportunity to take practical classes, including directly on farms and in animal clinics.

So what do you get by joining our college? At the end of the curriculum, each student leaves us as a competent and qualified specialist. A diploma from our institution will give you the right to work in a prestigious veterinary clinic, get a job in the field of agriculture and secure a stable future. Entering our college, you certainly provide yourself with a successful career, high salary and a secure future.

The main condition for submitting documents is 11 classes of a general education school or the presence of secondary specialized education. We are looking forward to the persistent, ambitious and animal-loving people in order to pass on our knowledge and give them the opportunity to acquire additional professional education.

The team of our educational institution has been training future veterinarians for more than 20 years. During this time, we have developed an original training program and produced many responsible specialists. We offer you to receive additional specialized education in the field of veterinary science or take short-term refresher courses.

February 2018

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